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Ash Screens - fire protection for aircon

Ash Screens - fire protection for aircon
Service: Ember Guards for Evaporative Coolers
Phone: 9526 8800
Contact Person: Ash
Address: 4 Browning Rd Armadale Wa 6112 Australia
Website: Website

Quality Ember Guards For Evaporative Coolers

Ash Screens is an industry leader in ember guards for evaporative coolers and has already protected hundreds of homes, schools and business across Western Australia.
Our custom designed and built ember guards can be retro fitted to all evaporative coolers on the market and fully comply with Australian Standards 3959. All products are durable, reliable and will ultimately give you peace of mind.


Do I really need an Ember Guard?

In February of 2011, seventy homes burnt down in the Kelmscott and Roleystone areas as a result of severe bush fires that ravaged the Perth Hills for multiple consecutive days. The Department of Fire and Emergency Service (DFES) estimated that 50 per cent of the homes lost were a direct result of ash and embers making their way into air conditioning units. Once inside the unit they began to smoke and smoulder before igniting the dry pads of the evaporative air conditioner.

Ash and hot embers from bush fires can travel as far as 500 meters in the air and even further if there is a strong wind assisting the fire. As the evaporative air conditioning units draw in outside air for cooling purposes, flying ash and embers are easily drawn in also and lodge themselves on the highly flammable filters which can easily start a fire in your home. Whirly birds are also affected. Ash and embers lodge themselves in your roof or inside your house through these access points.

Get your ember guards installed today! 

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