For offical DFES Alerts - visit the Department of Fire and Emergency services:

The fire hotspots shown on the map below are derived from the Australian Government Geoscience Sentinel system. This is not an offical map - so please use with caution and only as a rough guide. You will need to agree to the disclaimer to see the map.

Another link that might come in handy is Google Crisis maps - But at the time of writing this page, WA data wasn't shown.


This Firewatch page is available as an additional resource to aid in getting information regarding any fire risks locally in Roleystone.

Other sites worth monitoring are:

  • DFES formerly known as FESA  Emergency Alerts, accessible off the DFES Homepage
  • ABC radio station
  • Bickley Monitor wind direction on BoM and speed to help understand the direction a fire will travel
  • Wind forcasting from

The general public can also make an unoffical comment if they have something to report below.